A sanctuary is a safe harbor which offers protection.  A sanctuary city protects those who break the law, and by its very existence disrespects the law.  A sanctuary is a place of refuge away from violence, so to offer a safe haven to violent people is a paradox.
The United States of America can be a spiritual sanctuary which protects freedom of religion.  This is what our nation was founded upon.  In the confusion of these times, this very freedom has been convoluted to embrace and accommodate profane ideals as though they were a religion, and to oppose the open practice of Christianity in many ways.  This misuse of freedom must first be recognized and then we can correct it, and our country can prosper under God’s Provision as a spiritual sanctuary.  Some of the choices that politicians make, and our laws protect, are holding our nation back.  We can’t expect God to bless error, and we may be opposing untold graces every minute we delay making this correction.
The United States of America can be an example of a Christian sanctuary nation, where Christianity is openly practiced without retribution or fear of offending someone.  Christians are able to pray publicly, and Christian unity is the strength our nation needs to move forward in righteous freedom.  If we are united in the Truth of good over evil, we can have confidence that God will work with us and bring our great nation to greater peace and prosperity.